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Being born in the last century, a critical activist right from the beginnings of the Internet, I keenly observed the stages of our transformations: like suddenly being addressed as “user” ( like drug user, crack user, you get it), then used as a date producing device to help global economy dig its new gold, i.e. data and other surveillance items … and now, decapitated and castrated by the overwhelming AI and VR realities: Said entities tend to mutilate and castrate humans by targeting us with the all too obvious aim to neutralize the humanity factor that kept our world going – with all ups and downs, including genocides and destruction on all levels including our beautiful Planet and all its inhabitants. Now finally it has reached humans themselves. Quite effectively. The new etiquette of our interactions contain many elements that could lead to misunderstandings and cut-offs. Recently, by pure coincidence I ran into some of the many toxic and destructive elements of our crippled VR-World existence and communication. It seems, whenever they are happening outside the public spaces of likes or dislikes, celebrities vs dumb crowds they show their hidden, mean faces. In short: My life as a virtual entity. It starts. Now.

to be continued

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