The Ukraine War is a tragedy. What happened was a steady and forseeable escalation.
The Russian aggressor`s methods to make a deal concerning neutrality of Ukraine were ignored. They ignored the souverainity of the Ukraine and understandibly were rejecetd.  They hurt the Ukraine as a nation.
But the longer this war continues, the clearer it transforms into the kind of war that is known too often in Europe. The kind of war that never, never again should be fought!
Despite the long European history of wars, we were unable to act according to what we had learned from our history and experience and the many instructions we all took since the end of the last WORLD WAR II. And again we face the risk of unending wars.
During the last weeks, our  historic experience seems to have been reduced to SANCTIONS,  “RUSSEN RAUS” politics and the unending DEMAND and FLOW  of WEAPONS!
It seems as if there is no diplomat availabe who could master the task of truthful negotiations to become the peacemaker that is so  urgently needed!
And still the Western neighbours fail to choose diplomacy for the sake of the people (!); all of the people of Europe !
Instead they go on to send weapons, led by a US president Biden who seems not to be understanding what he is actually doing and which consequences will follow! Annihilation!
I am appalled by  this shared international complicity to chose the way of destruction while tolerating a president who sees his present tasks mainly in being a warlord! Repeating the darkest and most evil war times of history. 
I admire the Ukrainian people and their courage and willingness to die for their country and for liberty. All these Ukrainian heroes have the sympathy and admiration of the whole world! But how will this end?
What would a WISE LEADER do? Wouldn`t he try, to save his people and his beautiful country and chose negotiations and safety by all means? And not let it happen that the end is reached only when nobody and nothing is left and WORTH LIVING FOR?
There is a VICTORY by  ending the destruction for the sake of the country and its people! There is a Victory to be gained by PEACE!
Will Mr. Zelensky have the courage to actually safe Ukraine and its heroic people NOT by  demanding for more and better WEAPONS and a heroic death, BUT FOR LIFE, for Life of his people and for all of Europe, which  needs to find a way to stop this WAR  by all means!
Commentary April 18, 2022 by Hanna Rheinz
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