Our Agenda:

Animalyz wants to be multi-facetted and colourful.

We are dedicated to explore, understand and discuss humans and animals and how we live & thrive & fail. What happens outside & inside our worlds. Some narrow, others vast and seemingly endless.

We discuss experiences, circumstances, events, including those which trouble us. We are interested in technology as well as philosophy, politics, psychology and art. We observe artificial intelligence and how it transforms our world. We are critical towards AI and its abuse. We do not wish to be manipulated by algorithms and behavior modification programs. We favor a life with as little technological interference as possible, the capacitiy to interact and establish relationships which are not based on self-protective needs to achieve an ideal. We condemn all manipulated efforts for achievement via social media`s cruel and destructive LIKE-races, its vanity and narcissim, its success and beauty- contests.

We are human. Sometimes beautiful. Often ugly, overseen, boring. Controversial. We all wish to be flawless. But the truth is, we are imperfect. We prefer to stay as we are: human, sometimes succeeding, most of the time losing. We are unpredictable. We are men, women, animals. We come in different colours, sizes, personalities. We demand to stay truthful to our nature. And not become the perfect double of a lifeless ideal.

We deplore the progressing ALIENATION of humans towards each other, all these invisible, slight, but accumulating steps of de-humanization. We do not want to be slaves in a globalized world which becomes more and more totalitarian. We observe the shadows of the Orwellian State right in the midst of a COVID 19 panicked world led by governments who are behaving like the puppets on a string who gave up on rationality and common sense. We fight against enforced conformity and against the destruction of Individuality and civil rights.

We demand you to think, to use your rational mind! Doubt the orders that make no sense. Listen to your Intuitions. Ask! Discover and trust your fellow human. Be yourself a human – truthful and trustworthy! Learn to be a friend. Trust your courage! Your Ability to go further. Grow. Step into new territory. The continents seen and the continents to be discovered. Be careful and empathic. Respect the differences of all beings.

Our language sometimes transcends the mere description of facts. We look out for the hidden humor that often is hiding behind facts and experiences.

We enjoy irony and satire! We intend not to harm you, but to enlarge your view on the diverse microcosms of our unique world as living beings speaking & interacting with each other.

We beg our visitors to open up their minds and souls and …


Und das gilt auch auf Deutsch: WILLKOMMEN !