AI`s Security Algorithms stops Travelers and could ban Free Speech

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by Hanna Rheinz

Some thoughts about an article that describes what happens in the background of our monitored lives: Artificial Intelligence, creating interesting Algorithms makes political bureaucrats life`s much easier: It targets humans, intellectuals, artists, the usual activists, stops them – bans them and screws up their life (including their families`).

This happened to the forensic architecture artist Eyal Weizman and his family, who wanted to visit an art exhibition opening abroad and were banned from entering their destination USA – due to unspecified security issues originating from some AI, mathematically derived algorithm hunch.

Bad times for creative thinkers who question main-stream opinions and life-styles.

In Germany with its legally enforced anti-hate speech politics, that strangely enough is communicated via hate speech, which – uttered by politicians magically transcends into weaponized Gutmenschen interventions to rescue the politically correct inhabitants of this country from the bad. These days the villains usually are called Neo-Nazis. Amazingly nobody seems to be aware that these new techniques of argumentation, stigmatizing and exclusion gravely ignore facts: both present and history-related. In different times – and in retrospective-, comparable strategies had a different name: propaganda.

The following Link describes how an algorithm`s mathematically based assessment banned a human who in the past did not have problems to get his tourist visa.

The story was written by Javier Pes and published by Artnet. com February 20, 2020.

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