REMEMBER? WAR cannot be won. Especially not with weapons. Today this seems forgotten. Also the issue of German re-unification. WHO deserves the credit for it? Russia and the waning SU. Alas, what has become out of it? The present German /Western politicians do not seem to know their history, nor diplomacy. A slogan like “Nato is afraid of WWIII” is presented with disdain. “We all want” – Sanctions against Russia personified in Mr. Wladimir Putin. We all want to support Ukrainian president Mr. Zelensky? Via delivering weapons !? In other words: playing the “total war” option once more, without even reflecting the causes of the present situation: Unforgiveable the mistakes made by US and world Diplomacy – recently joined by German Kanzler Scholz decision to deliver weapons (!!) to Ukraine – thus escalating a war with possible nuclear outcome.

Amnesia! The ruling leaders and their people have forgotten, that the Swojets enabled German re-unification thereby opening the pathway to a free democratic Europe. What happened to the promise NOT to establish NATO in the area of the former Soviet Union ? It has been and is ignored! Russia`s security interests are treated with disrespect, ignorance and contempt. The promises made vanished into oblivion. Putin is considered to be the Odd Man Out and has been shunned and isolated by the “WESTERN BLOCK” and NATO. Exclusion however is dangerous: it opens the door to destructive options, enables hate and paranoia to take over. The #inclusion of Russia as part of the dominant political systems, institutions and organizations of influence could have prevented this tragedy ! While Putin did not miss any opportunity to remind the West, that this outcome is not acceptable for Russia, the western leaders preferred to play the power card and exclude Russia. #commonsense has become a virtue of the past. The present situation seems to be self inflicted by the West, who with the assistance of Mr. Zelensky tries to play the NAZI vs VICTIM card! SHAME ON THEM! And on secretary Blinken!

What a mistake on this vulnerable planet with its pending (self) destruction programs which are still considered to be part of the crisis-Solution.

If this indeed is the final global “solution”?

Well, Next Exit: Stone Age.